I’ve done quite a bit of video and other promotional shoots over my career. Some have been as a guest on fishing shows, others have been informational. One of the videos here, called “the Fish Whisperer” is a short, award winning documentary Jan Gummeson of Shaw did on me in 2019.


The “Fish Whisperer”

Ask an Innovator

Live bait vs. artificial

Ice Fishing Tips

Fishing with plastics

Rods and reels

Castaways with Babs Kijewski and Matt Hayes

This was an amazing 3 days with a great UK film team and some exciting fishing on the Nipigon. Plus, my dear, late friend, the late Sandro Fragale makes an appearance when he takes Babs fishing for walleye on the Kam in Thunder Bay. Classic stuff.

Ontario Out of Doors

Mom and me (and Dad) on the water

Splake in Greenstone with James Smedley

NWO Whitetail Deer Tactics talk

Placing a tree stand or blind

Black Bay Perch with Sandro and Julio Chiodo

Lund Ultimate Fishing Show

Lake Nipigon with Gord Senior. A fun and exciting show with senior in rare form.

Nipigon River with George Clark. GC and I go way back.

Lund Pro Tips: Fishing Hair Jigs

New Fly Fisher

Story of the World Record brook trout. From the Nipigon brook trout festival in July 2015.

Fishing with Bill Spicer

Get Fishing

Superior Brook Trout with Jason Matity

Various Videos

Fall on the Nipigon River

Northwestern Ontario Fall Smallmouth Bass

Ubiquity Lake Lodge Ad