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Welcome to a re-imagined, rebooted, re-designed The pandemic has allowed many of us to do some reflection and catch up with stuff that has fallen off the radar. My first website was lovely and fun and has held up quite well. But it hadn’t been touched in a decade and was withering from my neglect.  So last year, a plan was made to reboot the whole site. After some discussion with web savvy people, a little reflection and then a talent search, I found Dylan and Mike at Digital Mammoth.  Their fresh eyes, talent and keenness for the project made it fun. There is a whole bunch of new stuff here, including videos, new pictures, updated writing and sponsor links and information on my guiding. I hope to update this web site more consistently, but for now, here is where things are at for me in 2021.  Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me at GE

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I must stop aplogizing for my infrequent blog entries. So I won’t. Sorry. 🙂 Some of you may want to check me out on Facebook.

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Gord Ellis with personal best Lake Superior steelhead caught on x Rap, April 5,2011. After asking forgivness in the last blog for being so spare