The winds of September…

If August in the northwest was unusually warm, September is shaping up cooler and wetter than I remember.It suddenly feels like fall. Lots of rain, lots of wind  and near frost.I’ve been bear hunting a bit with Devin,and we’ve been in farmers fields trying to get bear that are eating the corn. The farmers are happy to see us! Devin has passed on a smallish one, and had a couple cubs up a tree with him. Fun times.   

Hopefully there will be time to get in one more spec trip on Lake Nipigon before the season closes on the 15th.  I’m also fishing one more tournament with Austin, the Shebandown Fall Bass Classic. Should be fun. After that it will be the bow hunt for moose and then the rifle hunt. This is my favourite time of year.

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I must stop aplogizing for my infrequent blog entries. So I won’t. Sorry. 🙂 Some of you may want to check me out on Facebook.